Residence by Investment

The Greece Golden Visa stands as one of Europe’s premier residency-by-investment programs.

This programme has been overhauled recently with the aim of curtailing demand for residential properties and directing demand towards the redevelopment of listed buildings and of buildings which are not originally residential such as industrial and commercial ones.

The investment thresholds have been revised as follows:

  • The Greater areas of Athens and Thessaloniki and all islands with a population over 3,000 inhabitants: €800,000 with residences having a minimum area of 120sqm.
  • All other areas: €400,000 with residences having a minimum area of 120sqm.
  • For listed buildings and redeveloped buildings which were not originally residential: €250,000 provided that the properties invested in are completed prior to the submission of the Golden Visa application.

Other provisions apply for financial products which must be held for the duration of the validity of the Golden Visa of an applicant.

The above become applicable from the 1st of September 2024.

As most applications are granted within a few months, empowering investors with visa-free travel across the Schengen Area and the enduring right to settle in Greece.

Why Choose the Greece Golden Visa?

For many, the European Union’s Golden Visa presents an array of opportunities. It’s seen as a safety net or ‘Plan B’, a pathway to an enriched quality of life, or a conducive environment to cultivate a business with a favorable tax structure. Additionally, the program’s stance on succession and inheritance is an attractive proposition for many.

Opting for expert guidance is imperative in maneuvering through intricate processes. The fundamental choice lies in the treatment you’ll receive: will it be generic, or will it be personalized and attentive?

While most clients favor initiating the application remotely, subsequently visiting Greece post-approval for biometrics, others choose to kickstart the process in-person. This allows them to personally select their property investment and formalize requisite documents. In such cases, our dedicated team member assists every step of the way.

At Attican Global, our approach is deeply personal. Beyond the transactional, we resonate with your aspirations, concerns, desires, and unique situations. Our advice is tailored, ensuring that our relationship is rooted in trust and understanding.


To qualify, applicants must meet both the investment criteria and the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Possess a valid passport.
  • Have legal entry into Greece.
  • Obtain a Greek Tax ID.
  • Complete the full purchase of the property.
  • Maintain health insurance.

Family members who qualify as dependents of the primary applicant include:

  • spouse
  • children up to the age of 21
  • parents of both the primary applicant and the spouse

Investment Options

Non – EU citizens who acquire or own real estate property in Greece having a minimum sales contract value of €250,000 are entitled to apply and secure a renewable 5-year residence permit (PR) for themselves and their dependents.

Other qualifying investments are:

  • Lease agreements for hotel accommodation or furnished tourist residences having a minimum lease term of 10 years and a minimum value of €250,000.
  • Similarly for time-sharing agreements.
  • Financial products such as shares, bonds, bank deposits etc. The starting investment amount is €400,000 rising to €800,000. These must be held for as long as the PR permit is in force. Attican Global is not offering this option.

The Advantages of the Greece Golden Visa

Embarking on the Greece Golden Visa journey with Attican Global means you’re more than just another client. You’re a valued person, a story, and a future we’re committed to nurturing.

Swift & Simple

Expect your application to be processed within a 3-4 month window.

Lifetime Residency

Residency cards are renewable every five years for the primary applicant, their dependents, and even the parents. This is contingent upon retaining a property meeting the initial investment criteria.

Immediate Entry

Applicants receive a one-year multiple entry residence visa for Greece upon application, which is replaced upon residency card issuance.

Tax Incentive

Enjoy a VAT exemption on property acquisitions until the end of 2023.

Investment Recoupment

Renting out your property is permitted and this can result in a profitable investment thereby reducing and eventually covering the cost of the original investment.

No Residency Mandate

There’s no obligation to reside in Greece.

Extended Benefits

The program covers children up to 21 years and includes both sets of parents.

Access to Local Healthcare and Education

Residency permit holders enjoy full access to Greek public education institutions. Services of local hospitals and clinics are also available to them.

Global Mobility

Enjoy visa-free travel to 172 countries, including the entirety of the Schengen zone.

Guaranteed Entry

Ensure your right to enter
and stay in Greece.

Best for Retirement

Greece has earned its title
as the top retirement destination globally.

Local Companies

You have the right to hold shares and garner income from the dividends of a company registered and operating in Greece.

Greece Golden Visa Insights

The property can be sold but must be replaced with another property of equal or greater value for the PR card to remain valid.

Investors can either personally acquire the real estate property or through a legal entity that they wholly own.

The €500,000 investment threshold is applicable to properties situated
in the following regions:
a. North, central, and southern Athens,
b. Vari, Voula, and Vouliagmeni in the province of Attica,
c. Thessaloniki, and
d. The islands of Mykonos and Santorini.

  • Joint ownership is permitted for spouses.
  • Joint ownership is also allowed for two or more main applicants, provided each one’s share value is either €250,000 or €500,000, matching the minimum threshold relevant to the property’s location.

Yes, applicants can possess several properties, provided their collective value meets the requisite threshold for the location in which the properties are situated.

Absolutely. Applicants have the liberty to rent out their property.

Golden Visa holders are prohibited from working as salaried employees. However, they are free to engage in business activities as shareholders and/or directors of a company they own entirely.

Yes, Golden Visa holders enjoy equivalent access to public education (including schools and universities) as Greek citizens.

Selling the investment property without securing a replacement will lead to the cancellation of the investor’s PR status. However, if the property is sold and subsequently replaced with another property of equal or higher value, the Golden Visa remains intact.

No, Golden Visa holders are not mandated to reside in Greece to maintain their visa status.

The Golden Visa effectively provides a lifetime residence permit, renewable every 5 years. There’s no cap on the number of times you can renew the residence permit. However, it’s essential that the applicant maintains full ownership and possession of the stipulated minimum investment, be it real estate or financial assets. Importantly, Golden Visa holders are not bound by a minimum-stay mandate. This means you don’t have to reside in or even visit Greece to retain your residency rights. However, you are required to return every five years to update your biometric data.

The Golden Visa does not directly grant citizenship. However, it does allow the holder to attain long-term residency, which is a prerequisite for naturalization. To obtain citizenship, several other statutory conditions must be met, including a proficient understanding of the Greek language.